About us

Enjoyable Warmth

Sitting outside for longer on summer evenings; but also being able to enjoy sitting outside in the spring and autumn. Or a beautiful fireplace with beautiful flames - even if your house is in a gasless neighborhood, or you cannot / will not do a complete renovation.

We at Enjoyable Warmth want everyone to enjoy warmth. And that not only means that the products can produce nice and good heat, but also that this is done safely, with minimal maintenance and superb ease-of-use when operating the device.

Product development

We have our own product development department that ensures perfect products. Solid products with state-of-the-art software: stable, reliable and easy to operate - with buttons on the device, a remote control, smartphone app or voice control (via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa). And unlike many other consumer products, we have included safety in our design from the very first moment, so that e.g. all traffic between your device and our servers is securely encrypted.


Do you need advice about the application of our products in your situation? We are happy to help you. Feel free to call or email us!


Nothing is as frustrating as a beautiful product that doesn't work. We therefore thoroughly test each product both during manufacturing and just before delivery. A quality checklist is included. And if there is something wrong with the product, we will resolve it as quickly as possible.

Our data

Enjoyable Warmth is a trademark of Enjoymium B.V.

Our address:

    Enjoymium B.V.
    Zonnehoeve 10
    7325 AB Apeldoorn
    The Netherlands

You can reach us by:

    Telefophone: +31-85-2012613
    E-mail: info@enjoyablewarmth.com

Chamber of Commerce number: 73744409
VAT identification number: NL859649003B01