Connect infrared heaters outside safely

How can you safely connect infrared heaters outside? Precondition: the heaters are connected to 220V. Make sure that the power is turned off before starting work and consult a professional if you are not familiar with working with electricity.

2400W model

The IH-2400-D has a normal plug and can therefore simply be plugged into a socket. For outdoor use, make sure that the socket is splash-proof, such as e.g. this one:


3200W model

The IH-3200-D must be connected directly to a fuse and is therefore supplied without a plug. To connect the heater to the electricity cable, a junction box can be used:

It is also possible to use a cable connection:

Such a cable connection contains connections for 3 cables (2 x power and 1x earth) and can be connected to the heater by a screw connection. The end cap is screwed on to ensure the watertight seal. Cut the cables to the correct length so that the black sheath falls inside the end cap. In the photo below, the cables have not yet been cut to length to clearly show how the various parts fit together:

Cable under the ground

If you have to lay the cable for the infrared heater from the meter box underground to the right place, and a cable connection is required along the way, whereby the connection will be underground (buried), it is important that the connection is complete. waterproof (not only splash proof). This can be done by using a junction box and filling it with resin. This looks like this (click on the photo for the product - there is also a step-by-step plan with a photo for each step):


Do you have questions about the connection? Do not hesitate to contact us! Or consult a specialist in your area for the connection in the meterbox. Safety before everything!