How do I make my own dream fireplace?


Fire plays to the imagination. And any desired design can be realized with your own imagination. A beautiful fireplace has several functions:

  • The fire game gives a good atmosphere.
  • It heats the room.
  • It can be used as a design element in the room, or e.g. as a room divider.

When wood or gas fireplaces are used, the installation must be taken into account: a flue gas discharge channel is required, and - in the case of gas - a gas supply pipe. With a bioethanol fireplace these restrictions are not there. The only thing that is needed is electricity. Refilling is done by placing a jerry can next to the fireplace, connecting a tube and then having the fireplace refill the internal fuel tank can fully automatically. So there is no need to take into account the supply or removal of gas or waste. That gives complete freedom when designing your perfect fireplace.


The bio-ethanol fireplace is a beautiful, sleek rectangular burner as the basis. The fuel tank is installed underneath and can therefore be fully integrated into your design. Since no toxic substances are released, it is not necessary to completely close the burner with glass (glass plates for this can of course be used if, for example, the fire must be shielded from children or pets).

To build in the fireplace in your own design, there are roughly 2 options, each of which can be used in all kinds of variants:

  1. Create your own design with the help of non-combustible plate material.
  2. Use a built-in frame (in combination with plate material).

Built-in frames are available through our webshop in various shapes and sizes. If you want to make your own design, we recommend non-combustible plate material, such as Promatect (see the supplier's website: This sheet material can be easily processed with standard tools and can be painted in any desired color (make sure you use heat resistant paint).