How to use our heaters and fireplaces with Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings is a great platform - it's inexpensive, supports many devices due to the built-in WiFi, Zigbee and ZWave standards, and has got a great app in which you can connect different products together easily. What does that mean? Let's explore!

Add our devices to SmartThings

In order to use our devices in the SmartThings app, you have to add them first. Click on the "+" sign on the home screen, and select "Device" to add. Next, browse by brand and select "Enjoyable Warmth":


In order to operate the Enjoyable Warmth device(s), you have to login with your Enjoyable Warmth credentials, and allow (authorize) SmartThings to operate your devices on behalf of you:


Operate our devices with SmartThings

Once added, you can operate them from the SmartThings app: turn on, off, or change the level:

Operate fireplace from SmartThings app

From this screen, you can also set  timer (turn on or off after e.g. 1 hour), or set a schedule (turn on or off at a specific time).

Automate using SmartThings

By integrating with SmartThings, it also becomes possible to combine actions with Zigbee or ZWave devices. For example, when using the inexpensive Xiaomi Aquara button or door contact, you can configure an automation to turn the fireplace off as soon as the door opens. Or to turn the infrared heaters on once the Aquara button is pressed. This is very easy to configure without any programming knowledge. An example of how this looks like is shown in the following screenshot:

 SmartThings Automation screenshot

With a so called "SmartApp", you can do even more interesting things. As an example, we've configured a SmartApp that will automatically turn off the fireplace and the infrared heaters if someone leaves the house - that feels safe that you cannot forget to turn those devices off any more!



The SmartThings platform is a great platform. With an inexpensive hub that supports WiFi, Zigbee and ZWave, it allows many devices to work together. That's also a great feature if you already have e.g. ZWave devices and now want to switch to Zigbee devices, since you can keep your existing devices!

With the automation features (Automation and Smart Apps), many interesting things can be configured for our infrared heaters and bio-ethanol burners!