Infrared heaters extend the outdoor life

We enjoy the outdoors more often & longer. With infrared heaters we can extend the period that we can be pleasantly outside to early spring, late fall and cold summer evenings.

When it is too cold to sit outside comfortably, an infrared heater is the solution:

  • Infrared heat is the same heat as the sun gives - so it's comfortable.
  • Unlike other heating sources (such as wood or gas), the infrared heater does not heat the air, but directly warms the people via radiant heat. This is much more efficient - especially outside where heated air is blown away.
  • The infrared heaters from Enjoyable Warmth can be set in several positions:
    • If it is fairly cold, a high capacity heater is required.
    • If it is just a little too cold, only a little extra heating is required.
    • Due to the built-in dimmer, the right heating can always be realized.
  • Control is possible with remote control, or (with the optional smart module) with SmartPhone app or voice control (via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) whereby multiple heaters can be operated simultaneously.
  • The heater produces no sound or light, so that it can be incorporated nicely into a design.
  • There are no moving parts, so there is virtually no wear.