Safe high-tech bio-ethanol fireplaces for inside and outside

Bioethanol fireplaces are absolute mood makers. Not only indoors, but certainly also on the terrace or under the veranda. Our high-tech fireplaces meet the strictest safety requirements. This means that they can be used safely anywhere and do not produce harmful emissions.

The difference between a high-tech and traditional bio-ethanol fireplace

The first bioethanol fireplaces on the market sometimes got negative in the news. This was partly due to the design and construction. Traditional bioethanol fireplaces at that time often consisted of a simple metal container. The burners were unstable, allowing liquid to leak easily. The bioethanol fireplaces that we know today are equipped with high-tech technology. This means that the interior of the decorative fireplaces, the burners and the fuel storage meet the highest requirements.

These bioethanol fireplaces are also equipped with an automatic filling system. Fuel spillage is therefore a thing of the past. They can therefore be used safely and responsibly both indoors and outdoors. If you use a bio-ethanol fireplace indoors, you only have to take care of ventilation. For example, by opening a window grille. Every fire uses oxygen. However, high-tech bioethanol fireplaces contain a CO2 sensor. If the oxygen content in the room becomes too low, the atmospheric fireplace switches itself off automatically.

High-tech decorative fireplaces that only emit water and CO2

A decorative fireplace works on bioethanol. This is liquid alcohol that ensures pleasant warmth through the built-in burner. No harmful substances or gases are released during the combustion of bioethanol. The emissions therefore only consist of water and CO2. Decorative fireplaces can therefore also be used as a room divider in, for example, the living room.

Safe and pleasant heat without a smoke or exhaust channel

High-tech bio-ethanol fireplaces produce no smoke and can be used without a gas connection or flue gas outlet. Far-reaching renovations are therefore not necessary. In addition, it is easy to make them mobile so that you can enjoy a safe heat source wherever you want. Consider the use of a decorative fireplace on the terrace, during a garden party or at another location. Due to the solid and safe design, they are easy to transport. Make sure that the fireplace is kept dry though - the electronics cannot withstand rain.

What different types of safe decorative fireplaces are there?

You can make a choice from different models of top quality bioethanol fireplaces that can easily be built in via the webshop of You make this choice, for example, if you want to use the bio-ethanol fireplace at a fixed location. For example as a room divider between the kitchen and the living room. A built-in decorative fireplace is also possible on the terrace.

Our high-tech bioethanol fireplaces are equipped with the latest innovations and developments. That means that our decorative fireplaces are always equipped with voice control. These bioethanol fireplaces are easy to operate through an application, and provide you with even more ease of use.

The use of a modern bio-ethanol fireplace is safe. But what about the smell?

The bioethanol base may be e.g. wheat or corn. Although the odor is not explicitly present, some products may spread more or less scent. In addition, you can even consciously choose ethanol with odor. In that case, your decorative fire will immediately work as a pleasant diffuser. Choose bioethanol with the scent of roses, cinnamon or lavender. There is even ethanol available with a sea or forest scent. Naturally completely safe to use and not harmful to health.

Order a high-tech decorative fireplace on bio-ethanol online

You can easily order a safe decorative fireplace online. On the website of you can easily make a choice between various high-tech bio-ethanol fireplaces. Of course we are also happy to provide you with personal advice. For example if you are not sure which decorative fireplace meets your personal wishes. Do you want to see the decorative fire first? That is also possible in our showroom in Apeldoorn (NL). One thing is certain, with our high-tech fireplaces you can safely enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and warmth.