Why choose a bio-ethanol burner?

What are the main reasons for people to choose a bio-ethanol burner over a gas- or wood burner to create a nice fireplace?

  • The bio-ethanol fireplace creates nice yellow flames.
  • There are no toxic waste products when burning bio-ethanol, which means there is no need for flue gas outlets.
    • There is no need to reserve space for outlets when designing a new house.
    • You don't need constructive adjustments in existing houses.
  • It is very easy to operate the burner by using a remote control, SmartPhone app or voice control (using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant).
  • The burner is very safe: the automated filler system automatically stops when the isolated tank is full; there are several safety sensors, a.o. a carbon-dioxide (which is not toxic!) sensor.
  • It can be easily fitted into a design.

Since there are not toxic waste products, you don't need an installer: you can either build-in the burner yourself, or ask a local builder to do so.