Infrared heaters

Extend the outdoor living with our high capacity infrared heaters. Read here what makes our heaters truly "Premium". Or watch the short video alongside for a quick overview.

High capacity

When it gets a bit chilly, you still like to sit outside. How long this can still be pleasant is largely determined by the temperature. Especially in the spring and autumn it can quickly become quite chilly. High capacity heaters are so pleasant in that case. Heaters that have less than 2400W power are actually not suitable as patio heaters.

As a rule of thumb, you can assume that at least 700W heating per square meter is required. Feel free to contact us for advice on required capacity & recommended placement in your situation!

Note: The 3200W heaters are supplied without a plug, as they must be connected directly to a fuse.

Dimmable for any temperature!

If it is quite chilly outside, high capacity infrared heating is ideal. But what if it just gets a little fresher? At full strength, the high capacity heating is then quickly too hot. That is why our heaters have a built-in dimmer that can work in 4 positions (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). This makes the heaters ideal for both the summer evening where it just starts to get a bit chilly, to the spring or autumn where it can be quite chilly!

No light and flexible placement

Our heaters do not emit light, so they do not get in the way of a lighting plan. In addition, they can be placed on the ceiling or on the wall. Finally, they are sleek, making them beautiful in any design!

Expert advice: heat is used most efficiently when the heater is mounted on the ceiling!

Ideal for outdoor use

Our heaters are ideal for heating your patio or canopy and can be hung outside because they can withstand rain (IPx4)

Just as important: infrared heating warms you, not the outside air blown away by wind! Gas and wood heating heat the outside air, while wood can also provide an unpleasant side effect through smoke & fine dust.

Smart remote control

With the optional smart remote control module, up to 5 infrared heaters can be operated simultaneously.

Switching the heaters on or off with the phone or tablet, switching higher or lower is no problem with the included app (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux). Voice control is also possible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And integrations with other home automation systems are easy to realize. An integration with Samsung SmartThings is available as standard, and an example of how to integrate with Home Assistant is available on our blog - this can serve as an example for (almost) any other home automation system.

Note: A "normal" remote control is supplied as standard.

Discount bundle: infrared heater + smart remote control module
“I can recommend the heater to anyone who wants to heat a closed room (veranda). The heater is not as strong as an open IR emitter, but it doesn't radiate light, which I personally find very pleasant. The support is great and responds immediately and very friendly! ”
Amazon customer
“I've had this product for about a month and it's a great product - I plugged it in and it worked right away. The operation is great with the app and it gives very nice yellow flames.”
Webshop customer
The Netherlands
“The handling was great! I can say about the product that it does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is essential to ensure that the heater is used in a draft-free area.”
Amazon customer